Friday, February 25


So I was posting a comment on Menopausal New Mom's Aloha Friday blog post this morning regarding what makes a good blog. And it made me think, what are my expectations for my blog? What message will I want to be sending out to it's readers?

Here's a list of things that I hope for the future, sort of a "To Do" List:

  1. A visually appealing blog; I need a good template!
  2. Some super cool content, who doesn't like a reader friendly blog. I mean, that's what a blog was originally intended to be for: reading.
  3. Useful gadgets. Once I can get my head around what I need! Which brings me to the next one:
  4. A healthy size audience to read my posts and look at the super cool gadgets I will have ;)
  5. And hopefully one day if I am lucky, I can start writing some sponsored posts in between all of this and maybe one day....drumroll...I will be lucky enough to host a few giveaways!
High hopes I know, for those that have visited my blog you know that I am brand spankin' new to this whole process. But the way I see it, how am I ever going to get anywhere if I just keep talking about it! 

So here's to the future!

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  1. I know how you feel. I'm 50 years old and started blogging just 8 months ago. WOW! Did my brain ever fry! But I took it one leap at a time
    (when blogging there is no such thing a steps...they are leaps)! and now I'm still learning.
    If I see a button or gadget on someones blog that I like I generally ask them how they got it. Usually they have been very helpful.
    With your won't be long til I'm entering giveaways on your blog!
    Thanks, and good luck, Becky Jane