Saturday, March 5

A Multi-Cultural Lunch.

Usually on days that big sister is at school {Tues. and Thurs.}, I'll just make an easy, snacky lunch for little sister.  I'm never really that hungry as well so I don't see the point in making something huge for one little person.
As I was fixing her lunch the other day, I had to laugh at how many countries our food came from! 
  • Dragon Fruit {Pitaya} - this fruit is cultivated many places including Mexico, Thailand, and Hawaii. But ours came from China!
  • Tortillion - These babies come directly from Quebec, and are SO good! It is a roped, moist, salty cheese. We have a friend that lives close to one of the major factories bring us huge bags of cheese when he comes to town to work :)
  • A good ol' Hard Boiled Egg - A strange addition to this lunch, but little sister loves them, and it's good protein! 
Yummmmmmmm - O ;)


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  2. I have never seen a dragon fruit cut open before! Interesting! I am curious about that cheese too. Thanks so much for following One Busy Chick, I am now your newest follower :)

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  4. Hi! Great lunch!
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  5. I love dragon fruit, also many in Asia. Thanks for stopping by. I am following your blog.