Thursday, March 31

Thursday Weigh In

It's Thursday already! Let me tell you it's been a rough week when it comes to my workouts/diet. And now my hunnie is on his time off (14 days) so I know these next days are going to he very slack. I really shouldn't be allowing myself to use that as an excuse but I totally am! Also, my sister is going to be here with her family in a couple of days so I have tonnes of laundry to do as well as get her bed ready. All that while trying to not get distracted by kids/boyfriend/blogging! :) You know, typical mommy stress.

In the last week there were 2 night we had take out which is out of the ordinary. Also 2 nights that I pigged out in front of the tv all while not working out during the day. SO BAD! I think I'm just starting to freak out like I'm never going to have junk food again so I'm getting myself sucked into binging on bad stuff. I need to get over that. Last night we had pepsi, ketchup chips, and snickers while watching a movie...and I had already had supper! Ugh!

Ok, so I weighed myself this morning and I was at 157.6 and I was really not happy. So I'm definitely up but I honestly believe it's because of all the salt and not drinking enough water. I'm going to try not to be too hard on myself though because there's no point in giving up now! Also, there's always next week :)

Until then,

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